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Mark Errington

The Pearl Day Spa owner Susan Zahn, in this video, got me fired from KVAL. Just about two years after them getting their domain "" (Creation Date: Feb 26, 2001) and website up and running. I asked Susan if I could make their website better. She was a little confused so I bought "" and built a better looking website for them. I told Susan about it and she said nothing. The new site was getting more hits then their website. I was just helping them get more business and it worked. But after a year, Susan told me to take it down and she said nothing about what a good job I did and never thanked me for it. So after I took down the website. I put "This domain is for sale!". After all, I bought the domain "" (Creation Date: Dec 1, 2002) so it was mine, right? Susan got a lawyer to write me a demand letter to ask me to take down my "Domain For Sale". I refused and posted the demand letter under the "Domain For Sale". My general manager (Dave Weinkauf, a fucken idiot, he didn't like me anyways) was not happy with what I did, after hours, so he fired me (Jan 2004) and told me that Susan was a paid cash customer of KVAL. On Friday, before he fired me on that next Monday, Mr Weinkauf put up signs in the News Room that read "Mark doesn't work here anymore!" I found out about the signs being posted by my co-workers. At the end of this video, I now see that the employees at KVAL station got the wrong website. They posted "pearldayspa,com" (mine), instead of "" (theirs). I think if the right domain was posted I would be still working a few years longer at KVAL Ch 13, a Fisher Broadcasting, Fisher Communications. Fisher Communications and Susan Zahn owns me $10K for wrongful termination.



Susan Zahn


1375 Pearl St, Eugene, OR 97401

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