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Mark Errington

Nicest Guy You'll Ever Meet!

August 16, 1996

Mr. Mark Errington
109 SW 155th St., #6
Burien, WA 98166

Dear Mr. Errington,

I have had an opportunity to investigate your complaint about Sheri Richter thoroughly. We at the College share your concern that faculty and staff work effectively with students and provide a supportive and friendly environment. On occasion, we do not live up to these expectations, but we try to do better the next time. Most importantly, we address any complaints about job performance directly.

In examining your specific complaint about Ms. Richter, I have had an opportunity to discuss the issues with a number of colleagues. Apparently, you had raised some parts or all of the complaint with President Command, HCC' s Director of Personnel Sue Williamson, professional staff in student services and in the library, and with some student workers.

I realize that often people perceive events and conversations differently, and I believe, after my discussion with you and Ms. Richter, that there was a clear difference in how each of you viewed the circumstances that led to your complaint. Ms. Richter is certainly committed to providing appropriate and supportive services in the computer center and remains concerned that her interactions with students are cordial and professional at all times.

I appreciate your interest in Highline and your advocacy for appropriate and supportive interaction for students. I also want to thank you for recognizing the inappropriateness of some of the material in your "newsletter" and your willingness to apologize to Ms. Richter.

I hope your studies at Central Washington go well and that you are able to achieve your professional objectives.


Dr. Jack Bermingham
Vice President for Academic Affairs

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