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Mark Errington

Nicest Guy You'll Ever Meet!

My mom (Marilyn) told us kids that she met Dad (Glenn) while he was coming off the Navy ship. I think it was in San Diego, CA, around August 1954 when Dad left the Navy. My Mom and Dad were married in 1955.

    Marilyn (1951)                  Glenn (1954 ?)

Their first child was a girl (Glenda) born in Dec. 1955. The second child was a girl (Cindy) born in April 1957. The third child was a boy (Mark) born in April 1958. The forth child was a girl (Debbie) born in Sept 1960.

Our family moved into a new home at 424 West 230th Street, Wilmington (Carson), CA, on or about 1957. This home was built in 1957. We lived there until 1963. 

My family left Torrance, California around 1963, when I was about 5 yrs old. I just finished Kindergarten. We moved to North Long Beach, California, to a big house at 6801 Orange Ave. I went to Ulysses S. Grant Elementary School from 1965-1970, then went to Alexander Hamilton Middle School from 1971-1973, then went to David Starr Jordan School from 1974-1975. I didn''t finish high school because my parents got a divorce. The reason why they got a divorce is because my dad cheated on my mom with a woman at his work. I dropped out of high school around December 1975 with just 6 months to go. I lived with my mom and my sister (15 1/2 yrs old) for about 6 months until my mom found a new boyfriend and moved in with him around March 1976, leaving me with just my 1970 VW Bug with no place to go and leaving my sister with no place to go but to move in with her boyfriend, Joe,  for a short time then she moved in with my Dad. For me, just left out in the street with no place to go...

...this gets picked up by going to my web site and seeing the list of jobs and it also shows where I lived.

Later on in life I got a GED Certificate (1993) and a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Video Communication (CWU, 1996 - 2000), thanks to my sister & brother-in-law in Washington. They let me stay with them for about 3 years, one year longer then I asked for and I didn't know years earlier I could go to a 4-year college. I have a little learning disability.

More about my background; in November 1987, I moved to Seattle, Washington after living in the Los Angeles area for about 30 years. In July 2000, I relocated to Eugene, Oregon, to work at a TV station called KVAL Ch 13. In March 2004, I relocated to Beaverton, Oregon.

When I was unemployed in Seattle, WA., in January 1991, for about two years, I learned how to be a Locksmith through a mail ordering school, Foley-Belsaw Company.  After I completed the courses, I bought my tools, key blanks, and some lock picking tools to open cars and most any type of locks.  I have done a few locksmithing jobs that just paid for all my locksmithing supplies. My business name in Washington was Mark's Locksmith Shop, and now it's Mark's Locksmith.


Here are the odd places where I spent the night at around 1976-1978:
- in my VW Bug off I-5 freeway in between two semi-trucks about an hour north of Los Angeles, CA.
- a night at Cascade Lake, a camping place we went to as kids, in southern California.
- slept in a Camper next to a friends house (in Lakewood, CA) for about three months while I worked at Jack-in-the-Box. I could use the house to take a bath, and eat something, or eat with the family but had to sleep in their camper truck.
- one night at a co-workers house in Creswell, Oregon. Nobody was in the house while I was a sleep. I worked graveyard and slept all day.
- at a childhood's parent's house, Ed, in Creswell, Oregon, and ended up sleeping in my friend's (Ed's) trailer behind their house for a while in Creswell, Oregon.
- at my aunt's friend's house. I stayed there for about a week or two. They wanted me to stay longer because they liked me but I needed to go. Never met them until that day. I asked my aunt in Parmount.CA, if I could stay with them, she said no. 
- one night I walked to my Grandma's house and broke into her trailer. It was about midnight and I left about 5:30 am. Her bedroom was right next to the trailer, I am not sure if she saw me from her kitchen door but I just walked past the slide of her house and down the street past my aunt's house to my car about a mile away, my car was parked in front of 6832 Cerritos Ave, Long Beach, CA, in the neighborhood where I grew up for about 12 years.
- a few nights at Lake Isabella in Southern California (a 4 hr drive, one way, from LA) at my Grandpa's cabin. I slept outside the cabin in my sleeping bag.
- in my step-dad's motorhome inside his big storage building. I stayed there a few weeks before he asked me to move in with him. Then about 6 months later he called and asked my Dad if i could stay with Him. So I did for about 1 year. And then my Dad asked me to leave.


What's happening with me now is that I'm still single, no kids, I have lots of web sites so finding me on the web is easy. I started a small locksmithing business, Mark's Locksmith here in Tigard, Oregon. I meet a lot of nice people. Great job, flexible hours! I was an Apartment Manager in Beaverton, Oregon for about 5 years where I lived and managed the Wood Tree Apartments in Beaverton, Oregon. The apartment size is about 14 units and I managed a 4-plex next door. I have about 35 web sites, some of them are not completed. I still have my part time Web Hosting businesses that I started in 2000, Eugene Hosting, I learned how to fix and repair computers while I was going to Central Washington University. I have been a self-taught photographer since 1978 and have a web site for that ME Studios Photography. So far, I have lived in 3 states, moved about 30+ times, and had over 30 jobs from the age of 16 to age 50. I hate being single, I just can't find someone. I look about 10 to 15 yrs younger then I am so finding a girlfriend is hard because I don't look my age. Also, I have a hard time trusting people. Two out of three of my sisters are the only people I can trust.


Our house at 6801 Orange Ave, Long Beach, CA 90805 was bought by our parents for $31,000 on July 14, 1964
Our parents sold it for $50,000 on March 19, 1976, after they were divorce.

Mark Errington, Long Beach, California
Mark Errington, Seattle, Washington
Mark Errington, Portland, Oregon

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